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Customer Reviews

Sleepless Nights

"Fast paced, multi-textured Holland grips you with this thriller. The good news there is more Drew Smith to come- I look forward to the prequel - Minus One."

- Sean Russell

"Sleepless Nights" is a promising debut. It was well written and smartly executed. Holland gives just enough to intrigue and maintain readers while holding back some to pique interest in continuing on with the series.

- Ossa Online Book Club

"Sleepless Nights is a compelling page turner that's filled with drama and suspense that will take readers right to the edge as secrets are revealed and a heinous crime is solved."

- Books2Mention Magazine

I completely enjoyed reading Sleepless Nights! The characters and the story line were well developed, without a moment of lull from one scene to the next. Drew Smith you are definitely the man!!! Can't wait until Minus One is released!

- Ms. Trixie

"Sleepless Nights is an intricately woven story and kept me turning pages. I especially enjoyed Drew's triumph over hopelessness."

- Steev" Scott